Monday, April 30, 2012


How are March and April gone? Honestly? I am getting a little overwhelmed about my pregnancy coming to an end. Trust me I'm so over being pregnant and totally wish it would end but in reality I am not all:( I feel like I have had all the energy sucked out of me lately and I have so much to do. Lately we have been working in the yard, Auri has been playing outside with her neighbor friends a ton and she absolutely loves them! She feels so cool when she goes outside and they all yell her name and run to greet her:) we have the best neighbors. Auri is growing by leaps and bounds, she is now wearing size 2T and size 7 shoes, where her feet came from I have no idea lol! She just seems so much older than she is and her crazy little personality makes me laugh everyday. She constantly asks for her "papa" brad and I know she misses altamont everyday. She is for sure a country girl at heart. I have been putting a list together of all the things that need to be done before the baby gets here and today Cade randomly washed all the windows for me because he knew I had been stressing about them! He is the best father and husband I could ask for and I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. The best feeling in the world is watching him with Auri, they have the cutest relationship, he Is such a push over with her. So anyway, I am praying to get everything ready during May and be prepared for this little baby, it is definitely crunch time I only have 7 weeks left. so if anyone reads this and wants to come help me get my craft on be my guest! I have to paint a crib and dresser, sew some cute baby boy quilts and a twin quilt for Auri arrange furniture for their room! Also I have shopping to do! It will be fun so you know you want to help me lol:)! Two of the random pictures below are of her nose after she nose dived off our front steps:( her band aide was so sad. The one of her in her panties is her proudly showing off her potty sticker! And the fourth is her engrossed in Dora, she is Dora's biggest fan for sure:)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Thought I would hurry and get a post in before February slips away! Some fun things we got to do this month were going to dinner at Chef's Table for valentines, (such amazing food btw) with our friends BJ, Sherrie, AJ and Meghann. Going to the Vow, I loved it but I just Love Rachel McAddams in anything! She is my fav:) We have been able to go swimming at the legacy center a few times and Auri loves it even though it gets a little cold for her. Cade has been playing in a city league basketball team that ended tonight and me and Auri were able to watch him play and I got my exercise chasing her around! Auri started going to nursery and holy crap that has been the most awesome thing for me! I can sit and enjoy the lessons! I love it! I took Auri's binky away last week and she is doing so good without it and I love not having to spend my days looking for them. She is growing up so fast it seems, and I am not liking it too much. She is going to be 2 before I know it! Time flys when you have kids! We got another ultrasound of baby Cooper and he is getting so big as well! I can't believe I'm 5 months along! Hating feeling big and fat though lol! I can't wait to be able run again! I have really been missing it a lot lately to clear my mind! June can't come soon enough! Here's some pics of this month:)
Auri loving swimming
Me at 23 weeks
Auri at her 18 month checkup 6% weight, 68% height, & 11% head

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here's to the New Year

I will just pretend that it hasn't been almost a year since I last posted and just try to be better for this year. I am trying to view my blog more as a journal and really write about things I will always want to remember in the future:)
So exciting things for this year... We are having a baby boy in June! this year seems to be flying by already and I can't believe I only have 4 1/2 months left of being prego. This pregnancy seems to be going so much faster than my first, probably because I have so much to do before he comes and Auri keeps me so preoccupied. I am so excited to have a little boy and see what they are all about! I really am hoping the jump from one to two won't be too crazy and I will be able to adapt quickly:) Things on my mind lately and yes I am a worrier,
I am going to miss my alone time with Auri, she is seriously in the cutest stage right now. She pulls the most hilarious faces and has so much personality i am entertained by her every second of the day! I am worried she will just feel replaced when this baby comes and I just want her to know my love will never change!
We are currently renting Cade's parent's house and it only has 2 bedrooms. I'm wondering where we will squeeze in this new bambino. The second room is currently occupied by Auri and Cade's office and there is zero room for another piece of furniture:(
I just got a calling to be in young women's as a Laurels advisor and I think I will really love this calling as soon as Auri goes to Nursery (next month!)
I am working on going back to blond. I don't know if this pregnancy is making me hate the dark or what, but I am really sick of it so I just got my hair highlighted and my next hair appt I hope to be back to blond:)
I am loving that I'm not feeling nauseous anymore, I hate that part of pregnancy! I am finally feeling a bit more energy too.
I am really excited for what this new year has to bring and I can't wait to meet the new addition! Cami and Erin (my sister-in-laws) are also expecting in June and August, so I think it will be so fun to have little cousins so close:)
Well I know this post has been pretty random but I wanted to at least start writing again so I wouldn't have an excuse to go another year, so here's to a new year and a fresh start to blogging!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dog sitting

Auri loved our dog sitting day for BJ and Sherrie while Sherrie is waiting to deliver in the hospital. I had to post this:) It is a little lengthy, so if you're not a fan of Auri you may get bored! Enjoy:))

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blessing Day

This little girl got blessed!

This past Sunday Auri was blessed. It was a fabulous day, and I am so grateful for all of those who were able to come and make it so special! Cade did such an amazing job blessing her, and she was a perfect little angel through the whole thing. After I put on her little dress she acted like she knew it was her day, she loved it! She was super ready to get it off by the end of her blessing brunch though. Carolyn (my mother-in-law) put on a spectacular brunch with a pancake and waffle bar and it was delicious. Thanks again, to all who helped out and made it to her special day!

Our FamilyCade's SideMy Side
Our Friends BJ & Sherrie
My parents
She loves her day!
Auri and I ready to go to Christmas Eve at the Coopers'
Christmas Eve 2010

Auri Christmas morning. She loved all her toys

Look who's sitting by herself
She feels so coolThis is my all time favorite face :) This is what she does when she's really excited!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I am finally feeling like it is Christmas time, I guess I thought if I procrastinated getting ready for it, then it just wouldn't come. A couple days ago I got into panic mode and finally got our Christmas card pictures done and finished up most of my Christmas shopping and now I feel like I can actually breathe, and finally blog! I am actually really excited for Christmas this year with it being Auri's first, I know she won't really know what is going on, but I still can't wait to open presents with her and Tink. This is the first year I haven't even thought about what I would like for Christmas because I honestly don't even care if I get anything, I really am more excited to give Cade, Auri, and Tink their presents. I guess this is what having a baby does huh? I love all the lights and I can't wait to go to Temple Square and see the beautiful Temple lights! This is the first year we will be able to go look at them because we live so close now. I truly have so many things to be grateful for this year. I am grateful Cade got the job so that we can live in Lehi which is closer to both of our families. So grateful that we can live in Cade's parent's little red house and be out of apartments (hopefully for good!), but most of all I am so grateful for my little family and the joy they bring to my life! Just a little update...Right after Auri was born, Cade had to start the interview process for Federated Insurance, (Which, by the way, is the most strenuous interview process in the world!) I had to be to 3 of the 12 or so interviews! So I went home to Altamont for a week, while he did some interviews and then Cade, Auri and I had to be to a Lehi interview, and then we flew out to Sacramento, CA for the final interview for Cade's job, and yes, Auri was only 3 weeks old! VERY NERVE RACKING! She had colic, and therefore, I was truly a walking Zombie, I know the Lord was on our side as we finished up the interview with the good news! After we came home, we started packing up and moved up to Lehi to our new little home that we're renting from Cade's parents. After we unpacked Cade began his month of hunting season and so again, I went home to Altamont. After hunting he had to attend 2 weeks of training for his job and so let's just say I went a little insane being a first time mom and all! And to top it off when he came home from training, Auri decided to work through her little colic digestive problems and become angel baby, so of course Cade wondered what all the fuss was about. So now only 3 1/2 months later we are finally feeling settled in. I really love our little place it truly feels like home! Auri is growing faster than I can blink and I can't believe it, time has flown. She is the cutest little thing alive! I can't believe she is mine. She is such a little squirm worm and can't hold still, she loves to sing, and she loves TV and her favs are currently Dora, and Strawberry Shortcake. I love hearing her little laugh, it is slow and she really makes you work for it, she doesn't just laugh at anything! I just love my little girl and I can't imagine life without her. Well, I am so glad to get a blog in and for those whoever check it, Happiest of Holidays to you!! Enjoy the picture overload :)

Auri's first time seeing Santa!
Me and Auri ready for Christmas pics!

Halloween (behind on the pics I know!)

Cutest Bumblebees Around!
Pics over the last 3 months

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All About Auri

I never thought I would be writing this post! I can't believe she's here!! Auri Cooper was born August 23, 2010 at 5:29pm, weighed 6lb 8oz and was 19 1/4" long. I just have to say, labor and delivery was nothing like I expected it to be...It was awesome! Well, yes, there were a few little ouchies on the way but for the most part I really wouldn't mind having several more. (not at once thanks) The morning of the 23rd I went in to have my membranes stripped because I was sick of the false labor and contractions I had been having all month. The stripping part wasn't much fun, but really not as bad as others had let on. After I left the hospital Laurie, my Mid-Wife told us to go home and go on a walk and stay very active. So we did, and when my contractions were coming every 2 minutes we went into labor and delivery and I had dialated to a 3+ and so they admitted me and even offered the epidural. I decided to wait until I was in real pain(I don't know why?) anyway, my contractions started to slow down and so Laurie came in and broke my water so that my labor would progress. Right after she broke my water the contractions came, and they came hard! Cade was so cute, he didn't know what to do or say. I honestly didn't know what to do either, no matter what I did it just hurt. I waited about 40 minutes and told Cade I needed an epidural NOW! They came and I was already dialated to a 6. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural and about 10 minutes later, pure heaven. I love epidurals. I didn't feel a thing and Cade and I both finally relaxed and could enjoy the delivery process. I dialated very fast but luckily my mom and sister Katie made it before Auri was born. Even though it was just Cade and I in the delivery room when I delivered I loved knowing they were there. The delivery is like nothing I've ever imagined, it was so special and spiritual. I can't even describe how amazing it was to have such a beautiful little spirit come out of me and lay on my chest breathing her first breaths. Cade and I were speechless and I couldn't stop my tears from coming. I couldn't believe how much I already loved this little girl. She is perfect and couldn't have come to us at a more perfect time in our lives. I can't believe she is 3 weeks old, time has flown. Cade has honestly been a life-saver. He is the cutest dad, and even in the middle of the night when I feed her he asks if there is anything he can do even though I'm nursing. I feel like he was more ready to be a parent than I was. He is so cute with her and I'm so grateful we had a girl first because it has brought out a whole new side to him. I don't think he will ever be able to discipline her, he's wrapped around her finger :) Tink has been very tolerant and very patient with us. I think she finally knows that Auri is here to stay and she is not super happy about it but she is ok. She still is very spoiled and when I'm not holding Auri, I'm holding Tink. All in all we had a great experience and feel so blessed to have such great friends and family who were there for us and so happy for us! We now have our own little family, and it is so great to finally have our little Auri here!